Putting Photos in My LSD Book

I’m over halfway through the final editing of my third memoir, LSD and Beyond, about taking it as a research subject in 1964.  I’m having fun adding a few photographs to the text. In this book, the photos are black and white. If I were an artist I would draw wild multi-color images to describe … Read more

My LSD Book Is Almost Done

My next book, “LSD and Beyond: How Being a Research Subject Transformed My Life” has moved to a new stage. It’s left my Windows computer, where I write, to my old Mac, where I use a Mac-only formatting program called Vellum. I’ve got the photos already on the Mac and soon will install them. This … Read more

Living in the Past as I Write Memoirs?

Sometimes when I work on my memoirs I feel like I am living in the past and ignoring the present. Thinking about romances or travels, I can get caught up in describing the clothes I wore then or in trying to evoke my emotions on a particular train ride as it arrived at the station … Read more