Living in the Past as I Write Memoirs?

Sometimes when I work on my memoirs I feel like I am living in the past and ignoring the present. Thinking about romances or travels, I can get caught up in describing the clothes I wore then or in trying to evoke my emotions on a particular train ride as it arrived at the station in, say, long-ago Madrid. Really, that’s part of the fun of writing memoirs.

But back to the present. My dogs keep me anchored here.

Lilly and Nicky do not care about all that. Lilly brings her favorite orange ball to my feet… it’s a ball made especially for dogs that we can use in the house without much risk of breaking anything. I usually ignore it when I’m writing, so she goes off to look out the front windows and see what she can bark at.

Once I’m done with my writing stint, the dogs bring me back to this time and place. The cat insists that I be here too.

3 thoughts on “Living in the Past as I Write Memoirs?”

  1. So glad I came across your site, offering information on writing which I am interested in. Animals are great at looking after us making sure we don’t work too hard and take our play breaks.

  2. Love your site. I will be buying some of your books. I like to read on my cell phone when I go to bed.

    Where in the world are you living now. I live in Alabama.

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