Writing in the Time of Covid-19

I’m lucky to live in a small town in New Mexico, where there isn’t much Covid-19, so I rarely worry about it. I do still wear a mask when I go out, and I wash up when I come home.  I save my main worrying for relatives and friends in places where there is a lot more of it. And I am home a lot more than I used to be.

You’d think that with so much time at home, I’d be writing up a storm. I do have days like that, but my main project lately has been cleaning and organizing the house. That is not something I normally get carried away with; in fact, my attitude about routine housework has been that I would do my share on Saturday, and if I didn’t get around to it one Saturday, it could wait a week. My husband does his share on schedule, but he does have a more regular rhythm than I do.

Then there is the matter of the cat. She’s an old girl and set in her ways. (Yes, much like me.) She likes to supervise my writing, usually purring. She’s here as I’m writing this.

I’m gearing up to do more writing. Looks like the cat is ready.

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