The No-Spoiler Version

I can’t tell you much here without giving away the plots of the memoirs. I’ve traveled a lot, fallen in love a lot, and written a lot.

My maiden name was Linebarger and until I was almost 30, I used my middle name Lesley. Then I went to the name of Rosana, nicknamed Zana. I write as Zana Hart.

I live in Silver City, NM, with the love of my life, two great dogs, and a bossy old cat.

The Longer Version

I am a writer of memoirs, mysteries, and websites.

My years as a librarian in public libraries came in handy for my recently revised trilogy The Curious Librarian Cozy Mysteries. With a Master’s of Library Science from U.C. Berkeley, I worked in California, Oregon, and Colorado libraries as a reference librarian, children’s librarian, branch head, and library director. In Colorado I served on the board of the Northern Saguache County Library District.

When my husband and I had a llama ranch in Oregon, we created a line of books and videos about raising and training llamas that led to our receiving the International Llama Association Pushmi-Pullyu Award for llama education. My book Living with Llamas sold over 7,000 copies and will be brought out in a revised edition as part of my memoirs.

Now I live with dogs, a cat, and that same husband in Silver City, NM, where I am wading through decades of old journals and letters for many details that are going into my memoirs.

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