Sierra Leone Just Appeared in My Life

No, I didn’t go back there for the first time since my 1963 trip which is the basis for my memoir African Summer. I doubt that will ever happen, given my stamina and funds. But while I was looking for an article that an online friend of mine wrote about Mexico, I came across an article called 24 hours in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  I could have read a lot more, so I clicked on the author’s name (Ian Packham) in the article, and that took me to a link to his website, Encircle Africa. There I learned that he had written a book about encircling the whole continent. Encircle Africa: Around Africa by Public Transport is available as an ebook and a paperback at Amazon. The ebook is now on my Kindle, and at no cost to me as he’s got it listed in the Kindle Unlimited program.

Packham’s website describes him as an adventurer, writer, and speaker. He’s made some other long treks. I pulled myself away, looking forward to reading his African ebook tonight.

That 24 hours article starts out with a photo of a street in Freetown that looks just about like when I was there. I explored the link for the photo and found myself on a Flickr page of a man named Erik Kristensen. He had been in Sierra Leone in 2014. Here is another photo from his collection. It also reminds of the beaches I went to, on the edge of Freetown, back in 1963. So I’ve just had a mini-journey evoking my old memories!

beach near Freetown Sierra Leone