I’m Procrastinating on My Memoirs, I Admit It

Probably because my next memoir is about my father, I’ve been procrastinating on starting it. I’ve been organizing my files and reading old letters from him. The letters go all the way back to when I was a baby and he was in Asia during World War Two. They go up to shortly before he … Read more

How to Write Memoirs

Writing your memoirs draws on your imagination as well as on your memory. However skilled you are (or aren’t) at writing, people who have known you or who lived through some of the same eras you did (initially the sixties for me) will be interested in what you have to say. And if you suspect … Read more

The Long Term Effects of LSD on Me

The long-term effects that LSD had on me were amazingly positive, and I go into a lot of detail about them in my memoir LSD and Beyond. I was fortunate to be a research subject taking LSD in a secure and loving situation. It was at a place called the International Foundation for Advanced Study, … Read more

The House at Otowi Bridge

The House at Otowi Bridge: The Story of Edith Warner and Los Alamos, by Peggy Pond Church absorbed me from the start. The author had grown up in the area and lived at Los Alamos for some twenty years before the U.S. government took it over as a location for nuclear research. She was also … Read more

Five Tips to Overcome Procrastination

There must be a lot more than five ways to stop procrastinating, but if you do these few things, I predict you’ll see a pleasing improvement in your workflow. I used to teach time management classes, and one of the things I would say to my students was “we teach what we need to learn.” … Read more