Here you can find out about my memoirs and my cozy mysteries. You can read some selections from them too.

Memoirs, from Lesley Linebarger to Zana Hart

I’m writing my memoirs as a series of short books. The series title is Moved by Curiosity, with the double meaning that curiosity has taken me many places in our world and that the emotion of curiosity is a powerful motivator.

With a long and unusual life to write about, I’ve got quite a few more books ahead of me.  If you’d like to know when a new book comes out, do sign up to be on my email list. Hey, my readers might even influence which stories I tell!

Since these are short books, I don’t expect to drag out the writing until I’m 100, if I live that long. I think each book will take me three months or so, but some will be more and some less. The best way to keep track of me is through that email list signup in the sidebar.

As a young woman, I went by my middle name and my maiden name, so back then I was Lesley Linebarger. For most of my life, I’ve been Rosana Hart, and I write mostly under my nickname Zana Hart. So the memoirs will be about all three of me!

What Are the Memoirs About?

I’m glad I was a prolific journaler when I was traveling around the world. And how many shipboard romances did I have? I told my husband there are probably some stories he never heard. Those are in the first book, Around the World at Nineteen: Explorations and Romances.

The  second one is about the summer I spent in Moyamba, Sierra Leone, on a work camp put on by Operation Crossroads Africa. That was in 1963, when I was 20. It’s called African Summer: A Crossroader in Sierra Leone.

Coming up after these two:

  • The extraordinary ways my life changed after I was a research subject in a scientific experiment about LSD. Some surprises unfolded. I take a long-term view of the good and the difficult.
  • Science Fiction Daughter, about growing up in the shadow of my father, science fiction writer Cordwainer Smith.

I’m currently going through my files for everything related to those two books and I’m typing in bits for the LSD book. I also have its cover design ready.

Other topics: when  I fell in love with a hippie, raising llamas, living and traveling in Mexico, dog memoirs, inner journeying, and getting a lot older.


I used to be a librarian (and a curious one at that). Not long ago I wrote a trilogy of cozy mysteries about Lauren Long, a curious librarian in a fictitious small town in Colorado. I’m having more fun with the memoirs but there could be more mysteries sometime. This trilogy is available on Amazon in their second editions.


I’m blogging about my books as I write them about about the process, including tips on how to write memoirs and how to write cozies.