Here you can find out about my memoirs and my cozy mysteries. You can read some pretty long selections from them too. (Umm, this site is a work in progress, not a huge amount up here yet!)


I’m writing my memoirs as a series of short books. The series title is Moved by Curiosity, with the double meaning that curiosity has taken me many places in our world and that the emotion of curiosity is a powerful motivator.

With a long and unusual life to write about, I’ve got about 15 notecards up on my office bulletin board, but there may be more or less. I think all my dogs will be combined in one book but maybe some of them will get their own books. The llamas will get one book.  But how many for Mexico, considering the variety of trips there at different times in my life?

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Since these are short books, I don’t expect to drag out the writing until I’m 100, if I live that long. One of my grandmothers died in her sleep two days after she turned 100… the other one got to 92… now they say lifestyle is more important than genes, so we’ll see. But my subconscious mind has been hearing about the genes for so long… that has to count as part of lifestyle!

I think each book will take me a couple of months or so, but some will be more and some less. The best way to keep track of me is through that email list signup in the sidebar.

As a young woman, I went by my middle name and my maiden name, so back then I was Lesley Linebarger. For a good long time now, I’ve been Rosana Hart, and I write mostly under my nickname Zana Hart. So the memoirs will be about all three of me!

What Will the Memoirs Be About?

I wrote the second one first, and it’s about the summer I spent in Moyamba, Sierra Leone, on a work camp put on by Operation Crossroads Africa. That was in 1963, when I was 20.

It’s about finished… copies are out to Advanced Readers.

Now I’m traveling around the world in the first book, glad I was such a prolific journaler. And my goodness, how many shipboard romances did I have? This morning I told my husband there are probably some stories he never heard that will come out.

Coming up after these two:

  • The extraordinary ways my life changed after I was a research subject in a scientific experiment about LSD.
  • The year I lived with a boyfriend in the village of Nerja, Spain, with some time in the Vosges mountains of France.
  • When I fell in love with a hippie
  • The Love of My Life… I just came across a great photo for the cover of that one.
  • Living with Llamas on Juniper Ridge
  • Inner Journeying with Dona Refugio
  • Seven Dog Memoirs
  • Mexico with Heart

And several  more.


I used to be a librarian (and a curious one at that). Then I wrote a trilogy of cozy mysteries about Lauren Long, a curious librarian in a fictitious small town in Colorado. I’m having more fun with the memoirs but there could be more mysteries sometime. The trilogy is available on Amazon… click on each book cover to go there or click on the text links below there for my comments here on the site for each book.